Chrome browser problem with Landlordzone, anyone?

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    I also agree with Hippo. Am also using Chrome v 43.0.2357.130 m -(and the issue definitely pre-dated the update) running the Ad Block Pro extension (I downloaded adblock because of the auto-shouty ad on this - and one other - site). I HATE auto-speaky ads with a passion. Running ABP hasn't changed anything. I'm also on Fibre Broadband running at 25 MBPS download and 9.5 MBPS upload, so it's not a speed thing either.

    I am *NOT* downloading Firefox. I have IE downloaded (because how else am I going to download Chrome...sorry, because it came as standard and I can't be bothered to go all techy and remove it) but I really don't like the Firefox interface (Mr Emwithme uses it and I just can't get on with it). I am not downloading a browser to just view one site - no matter how good that site is!

    I'm mostly annoyed by the fact that if I press "go to first new post on this thread" it doesn't. It goes (via a trampoline) to the top of the page, which is *really* annoying, and defeats the purpose of the button!


      9 times! 9 frikkin' times I pressed CTRL-END on this page to get to the latest thread entry and 8 times it jumped back to the top! That's with me realising it will do this and leaving a second or so between each time I mashed CTRL-END together.

      I can confirm that I have never had Chrome auto-updating. I can promise you that. I was running on quite an old version and I don't even have the GoogleUpdater.exe running. I only updated to the current version of Chrome because of this issue arising. I thought I'd give it a shot and took the chance to do a bit of updating. So I stand by the claim that's nothing changed at my end until I got frustrated by the jumping and I updated Chrome consciously.

      I believe, as was said before, that it's exactly to do with adverts loading at the top of the screen. However, what's changed to make this happen now and not before (for years)?


        P.S. - when I first experienced this and did not know it was affecting others, I did some searching myself. I did see a few Google forum threads about Chrome jumping to the top of pages on loading and they did go back a few years. Generally they conclude in a recommendation to clear the browser cache, which I of course did, but it did not change anything. There was also another recommendation out there to remove any Chrome Extensions, which I looked at but, as I didn't have any Extensions installed, I could not do.

        The Admin response that this is a Chrome bug is a red herring.

        I will re-iterate, hoping it helps, that Chrome and this forum have been working fine together for many years (for me). It is only recently that only LandlordZone has been experiencing this behaviour... not other sites.


          I don't particularly think that this is a Chrome bug either.

          It is much more likley to be a vBulletin issue.

          There have been some reports of strange behaviour with VB forums and certain browsers for the last few years.

          Icons go missing from the 'quick reply' box with some (older) versions of IE.
          Scrollbars don't work, IE and Chrome.
          Toolbar buttons become unresponsive, various browsers.

          And it dosen't happen to everybody, seems to also depend on your particular cpu, video card, etc. and what other software you have installed.
          Some people report that it only affects them at certain times of day; which may tie in with broadband speed.

          Because the issues are so variable it's hard to be sure just what is causing them, even the guys at vBulletin are struggling to track it down.

          One thing that has been noticed is that it only seems to affect forums that have both the desktop and the mobile versions of VB running.
          So it seems to be a clash between the two versions somewhere?

          I know none of that is much help if you are having the problems, but thought it worth mentioning.


            For those having issues with Chrome / LLZ please try again. The forum Admin have advised me that the issue relates to an update of Chrome and the way it handles iFrames.
            I also post as Mars_Mug when not moderating


              Seems good, for me. Tested with this thread... went into it, pressed CTRL-END to get to the bottom and it didn't jump back to the top.


                Seems to be working for me too...I've been away for a couple of days, so have been catching up this morning - so far have read about 20 threads, none of them have "trampolined" and in all cases the "take me to first unread post in this thread" button is working too!

                Thanks LLZ Techies


                  Originally posted by emwithme View Post
                  Thanks LLZ Techies
                  It was Joe, forum Admin, he's put a lot of effort into resolving this issue.
                  I also post as Mars_Mug when not moderating


                    THANKS JOE!


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