Now what's up with my log in?

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    Now what's up with my log in?

    Every page of Landlordzone on my computer now has this at the top of the page:

    Welcome to LandlordZONE
    We've been helping landlords & agents since 1999 - novice & experienced alike.

    Membership Registration
    Forum Registration
    Member Login
    Email: Password: Remember me
    Lost your password?

    Welcome Guest
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    Am I not already signed in? Why does it ask for my email address rather than my user name?

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  • Overzealous spam control
    Wrote a post response with a link to an old thread within this forum and posted fine. Realised I linked to the thread rather than the specific post, so edited and corrected the link by removing the existing and reinserting the correct link. So still just the one link, and it's a link to another forum...
    15-01-2018, 23:21 PM
  • Reply to Overzealous spam control
    Of course I don't blame the moderators. I posted here partly to vent sure, but also partly to see if the admin / operator of the forum can either relax it a bit or put in more fine grain spam control to not catch innocent posts while still keeping the spam out.
    20-01-2018, 00:08 AM
  • Reply to Overzealous spam control
    Dont blame the UNPAID moderatrors.

    Blame the spammers that send 60% of all emails sent that has caused this situation.

    Global spam volume as percentage of total e-mail traffic from January 2014 to September 2017, by month.
    19-01-2018, 23:58 PM
  • Reply to Overzealous spam control
    Well TIL the post one is editing doesn't even have to contain any link, just editing in quick succession is enough to trigger the spam filter pulling the post into moderation.
    19-01-2018, 21:45 PM
  • Reply to Overzealous spam control
    I know I have fallen foul of exactly the same myself.
    edited a link and the new one went to moderation.

    Without going into too much detail this is a common spam tactic.
    Make a post with a genuine link that passes spam filters, then go back later and edit it to the spam link....
    19-01-2018, 17:51 PM
  • Reply to Overzealous spam control
    It's not either or.

    Part of the problem is the speed of moderation, if more posts are going to get moderated, then they need more active or more in terms of numbers moderators. At the moment, a moderated post can sit for a couple of days before it's seen to. The same apply if there were...
    19-01-2018, 14:55 PM
  • Reply to Overzealous spam control
    On another forum I visit regularly moderation like this used to happen frequently, and members often complained about their posts getting moderated.

    So admin reduced the severity of the spam filters, which of course then allowed some spam to get through.

    Now there are constant...
    19-01-2018, 14:38 PM
  • Reply to Overzealous spam control
    It happens now and again.
    Happened to me, but the Mods will see it and approve it ( assuming all is above board )
    19-01-2018, 02:04 AM
  • Post flagged as spam

    I'm a new member and have only made 1 post. It was a question about how to draw up a contract with a property investor however it's been flagged as spam. I'm not selling anything I'm just trying to get some advice.

    Can somebody take a look?

    10-01-2018, 19:42 PM
  • Reply to Post flagged as spam
    Please delete this thread, I've reworded my original enquiry as some people were mistaking it as some kind of public offer. It wasn't.
    11-01-2018, 00:03 AM