Now what's up with my log in?

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    Now what's up with my log in?

    Every page of Landlordzone on my computer now has this at the top of the page:

    Welcome to LandlordZONE
    We've been helping landlords & agents since 1999 - novice & experienced alike.

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    Am I not already signed in? Why does it ask for my email address rather than my user name?

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  • Issue with site
    Whenever i add a hyperlink to my messages the messages are sent empty. I have tried this on a PC browser, phone browser (Chrome and Edge) and all have the same issue. No error message returned or asn't indication of what i could be doing wrong.

    Please could someone advise as this was working...
    16-05-2018, 12:46 PM
  • Reply to Issue with site
    That's a good offer by moderator2.

    Personally, where I moderate I also have email notification of moderated posts turned off.
    There are just too many, which would swamp your email inbox.

    I do check everyday there by logging into the moderator control panel and looking...
    18-05-2018, 03:27 AM
  • Reply to Issue with site
    If people see a message that their post has been sent for moderation then please send me a PM and I will then receive an email notification. I do not receive notifications of moderated posts automatically, and would not want to since many moderated posts really are spam. Remember that the action to...
    17-05-2018, 12:31 PM
  • Reply to Issue with site
    I've used and written systems to detect spam, it is possible to make systems user friendly without compromising the security model. Though no system is 100% secure there is a level of tolerance
    17-05-2018, 10:06 AM
  • Reply to Issue with site
    It would also allow spammers to take appropriate measures and amend accordingly.
    17-05-2018, 08:59 AM
  • Reply to Issue with site
    Strangely late yesterday, it's working fine. I completely understand that strictness and security required however giving reasons why it occurs in the first place would allow genuine users to amend accordingly and take appropriate measures.
    17-05-2018, 07:28 AM
  • Reply to Issue with site
    Moderation can be - should be - even stricter on PM's than on public posts.

    Again I won't go into it because I don't want to give any amateurs ideas, but there are very good reasons why this should be.

    PS. I just had a post moderated, like I say happens to us all.
    17-05-2018, 06:25 AM
  • Reply to Issue with site
    No not with forum threads. I've come across this issue when sending a personal message....
    16-05-2018, 13:11 PM
  • Reply to Issue with site
    Do you mean that when you add a link the post is accepted when you 'Post Reply' but is not shown on the forum?

    If yes, then it has been sent by the automatic anti-spam filters for moderation (approval by a moderator) before it will be shown.
    It happens to us all now and again, and...
    16-05-2018, 13:04 PM
  • N5B. Claim for Possession - do I need to do a gas safety certificate?
    I have one property. The12 month tenancy expires next week and the tenant is refusing to move out. He has not paid rent for 3 months. I have served a section 21 and am now starting the accelerated possession process. The gas safety check/certificate is due for renewal next week. Do I still have...
    16-03-2018, 15:37 PM