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    why old posts ignored

    The search facility was used to find out previous advice (to avoid asking the same question). A reply was made to an old post, but bizarrely, the reply (yesterday) was deleted.


    Many of the forums are quite fluid, especially the ‘Residential Lettings Questions’ forum in which you replied to a thread where the last post prior to your reply was made in January 2009. The ‘Residential Lettings’ forum index page fills easily within a day meaning that there are many people with pressing issues that they would like to get resolved. So replying to a three year old thread pushes those more pressing issues further down the page. Once a post reaches page two or three of the index page, the chances of further replies are dramatically reduced.

    Also, issues posted in a thread that is three years old are likely to be resolved by now and unless the OP is a regular member they are unlikely to log in and see the reply, you can see from a member’s profile when they were last active on the forum.

    So, while an answer to an old thread may be of some use, I don’t feel that offsets the effects of pushing newer threads down the forum index page.

    Many other forums, especially technical forums automatically lock and archive threads older than a few months, they can still be read and linked to, but can’t be posted in.
    I also post as Mars_Mug when not moderating


      Would you be so kind to re-publish my post as a new topic; the post has new questions!

      The policy is discriminating in favour of new posts seems strange, it encourages posting of new posts when the preference should be to encourage readers to search and read previous posts, because useful historical information/guidance exists in old posts.

      Just because an old post is (assumed) closed, the content may still be relevant and it should not be assumed that the original poster is obliged to reply.


        Done, it’s here;


        There is no specific discriminating policy, I assess each situation individually. What I saw (though could have missunderstood in this case) is what looked more like comment than question, in which case comments applied to threads that are three years old may not be particularly useful and as I have said will have the effect of pushing more recent threads down the forum list.

        I agree that old posts are there to be searched for and commented on, but my preferred method would be as we have now in this situation, a new thread, that refers to the old thread, but with new questions. The only problem with that is I am not sure if new members can add links to old posts if their post count is low?
        I also post as Mars_Mug when not moderating


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        • Overzealous spam control
          Wrote a post response with a link to an old thread within this forum and posted fine. Realised I linked to the thread rather than the specific post, so edited and corrected the link by removing the existing and reinserting the correct link. So still just the one link, and it's a link to another forum...
          15-01-2018, 23:21 PM
        • Post flagged as spam

          I'm a new member and have only made 1 post. It was a question about how to draw up a contract with a property investor however it's been flagged as spam. I'm not selling anything I'm just trying to get some advice.

          Can somebody take a look?

          10-01-2018, 19:42 PM
        • Reply to Post flagged as spam
          Please delete this thread, I've reworded my original enquiry as some people were mistaking it as some kind of public offer. It wasn't.
          11-01-2018, 00:03 AM
        • Reply to Post flagged as spam
          It had a distinct scam signature to me, as well.
          10-01-2018, 21:54 PM
        • Reply to Post flagged as spam
          I could read it via my RSS reader. It looks like the initiation of spam/scam to me (offering investors a 30% return in your "highly lucrative nature" investment). If you can offer investors that sort of return you can afford to hire a lawyer to draw up your contract....
          10-01-2018, 20:51 PM
        • Where has my question gone?
          Hi all
          I posted for the first time yesterday and edited my post at which point a message came up to say that it had to be checked for spam or along those lines.

          do the first few posts need to be checked by a moderator?

          05-01-2018, 08:56 AM
        • Reply to Where has my question gone?
          JK0, I see your unapproved thread in TAB, but it contains no text, perhaps a result of your edits. I can't see any point in approving it now, and that may not even work given that there's no text to it, so I suggest you try re-posting.
          05-01-2018, 20:40 PM
        • Reply to Where has my question gone?
          Thanks Moy. That's what I get too....
          05-01-2018, 16:03 PM
        • Reply to Where has my question gone?
          Jko, I can see the post title but if I click on it I get a forum message saying I do not have permission to view..
          05-01-2018, 15:50 PM
        • Reply to Where has my question gone?
          Happened to me too - no links but I included a few bad words about Scottish folk being Xenophobic. It later appeared in full.

          JK0 I can see your post on my feed, but not online (yet). It is a great post anyway -- anotjher great example of how legislators and those implementing legislation...
          05-01-2018, 15:03 PM