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  • Who can View Our Private Messages?

    I had always assumed that on any forum, the Admin./Mods can access your account, but not read your private messages unless you choose to forward them to a Mod. (e.g. to report offence, etc).

    Please could someone higher up the food chain than me confirm this is the case?


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    Viewing Private Messages

    We can assure you that on the LandlordZONE forums private messages/PM's are only viewable by the sender and receiver and neither Mod's nor Admin can access these.

    Hope that helps.

    LandlordZONE Tech


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    • Forum Update feedback
      I just thought I would note a couple of issues with todays forum update here:
      • Where has the 'Mark all posts read'/'Mark Forums Read' button gone? (I don't want to have open every thread to remove it from the unread list).
      • Clicking on the 'Go to first new post' next to a thread title is not working
      12-07-2017, 14:53 PM
    • Reply to Forum Update feedback
      I've noticed another glitch with the new forum software.

      It's a glitch that I've seen before in vB4, and as I recall there was a patch on the vB website to cure it.

      Occasionally when making a post the last word on a line gets posted twice.
      It seems that when the editor...
      16-08-2017, 01:50 AM
    • New Agent business term since I last used them...
      Hello, I finally need to change my tenant after a number of years. When I used an Agent to find this tenant there was a new addition to their general terms, namely the renewal fee element. If the tenant renewed after the original term ended the Agent would take a further fee.
      At that time. It...
      13-08-2017, 17:27 PM
    • Reply to New Agent business term since I last used them...
      It's a buyer's market for LAs so shop around if the one you're thinking of using is insisting on it. Personally, I don't work with agents who charge anything substantial for this because it almost always results in them pocketing money for doing virtually nothing.

      Also, consider whether...
      14-08-2017, 21:13 PM
    • New forum screen.
      I know I'm not around very much these days, ( due to illness) but why is there no 'next post' button or even a 'back to top' button' nowadays?
      Forgive me if I've missed them but I have looked.
      27-07-2017, 18:28 PM
    • Reply to New forum screen.
      Even the 'New Topics button seems to be slightly faulty. If I have replied to a thread, and then others have chimed in, I will still just see the number of replies up to mine in the list, and the title remains in 'non-bold' type....
      14-08-2017, 16:22 PM
    • Reply to New Agent business term since I last used them...
      Then don't agree to the fee.
      If the agent doesn't do anything, they probably aren't allowed to charge a fee anyway.
      14-08-2017, 13:47 PM
    • Reply to New Agent business term since I last used them...
      Thank you for the reply.. To clarify, I manage the propertymyself and only use the Agent at initial stages, to find and vet prospective tenants. Of course they are rewarded as per our agreement then. A year on if tenant wishes to stay longer, extend their tenancy, the agent does no work for me and therefore...
      14-08-2017, 11:27 AM
    • Reply to New Agent business term since I last used them...
      The agent is allowed to charge for the services they provide (and you need them to make money to provide you with the service that they want).

      Your commercial agreement is up to you to agree - the agreement that was found to be unfair was one that gave the agent a (large) fee if the property...
      14-08-2017, 09:18 AM
    • Reply to New forum screen.
      Thanks, the missing trick was clicking on the message title to see the thread of messages back and forward.
      14-08-2017, 09:16 AM