Use of foreign-language accents in posts

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    Use of foreign-language accents in posts

    These are courtesy of islandgirl.
    To use them, hold down ALT key whilst pressing each digit (in turn) of the relevant three-number code on the right-hand numerical keypad:

    ALT + 133 à (0224)
    ALT + 137 ë (0235)
    ALT + 151 ù (0249)
    ALT + 144 É (0201)
    ALT + 235 Ù (0217)

    ALT + 131 â (0226)
    ALT + 216 Ï (0207)
    ALT + 150 û (0251)
    ALT + 210 Ê (0202)
    ALT + 234 Û (0219)

    ALT + 135 ç (0231)
    ALT + 140 î (0238)
    ALT + 183 À (0192)
    ALT + 211 Ë (0203)
    ALT + 174 « (0171)

    ALT + 130 é (0233)
    ALT + 139 ï (0239)
    ALT + 182 Â (0194)
    ALT + 215 Î (0206)
    ALT + 175 » (0187)

    ALT + 138 è (0232)
    œ (0156)
    ALT + 128 Ç (0199)
    ALT + 226 Ô (0212)

    ALT + 136 ê (0234)
    ALT + 147 ô (0244)
    ALT + 212 È (0200)

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