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    In a number of recent cases of spam posts, where some very old threads are resurrected by spammers, forum members have not noticed and have continued to comment on the thread subject matter. While I am normally very reluctant to delete the efforts of forum members, I intend to do so in future with such spam posts, where I believe the deletion of posts is reasonable.

    Some common spam post features to look for;
    • The first post is made in an old thread, not a new question/issue (which is why most people join a forum)
    • The post barely relates to the thread subject matter, or not at all, or simply says something inane like 'thanks for the info'
    • The post includes a link, company names, product names etc.
    • Spammers like to upload an avatar

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    Please do not reply to spam posts which have found a way through the above filters. A reply is most unlikely to be read by the original spammer as the posts are most likely automated and made by compromised computers. In addition a reply prevents me from being able to delete/ban the offending spammer in a couple of mouse click, I am forced to check for replies so that I don't inadvertently catch legitimate members in the banning process, this makes the whole process much more difficult than it should be.



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    started a topic How spam is handled byLandlordZONE

    How spam is handled byLandlordZONE

    In common with hundreds of Forums across the world we have recently been the target of Spam attacks - some of which are quite obnoxious - regular visitors may have noticed.

    We've been fortunate up to now as this has not been a big problem until very recently.

    We can only apologise for this and assure our valued regulars and new visitors that we are doing something about it.

    We now manually approve every single new registration, sifting out Spam registrations by hand as opposed to relying on the automatic verification security systems already in place.

    This is time consuming, painstaking work and considerably increases our costs as someone has to be employed doing this. We are trying to do this on a timely basis (3 times per day) so that new posters are not delayed too much in getting an answer to their questions.

    Perhaps soon effective Spam filters will be developed for forums, but in the meantime we will continue to manually verify.

    Who is doing this Spamming and why? is a question everyone asks.

    Spammers target high volume websites with forums (quite a compliment really - the more successful a web site, the bigger the target it becomes) to get links which point back to their own sites on to the target site.

    Once these links are in place the Google indexing picks them up and increases the Google ranking of the Spammer's web sites - selling all sorts of shady products.

    These people are operating on a big scale, based mainly in Asia (Russia) they operate large banks of computers, literally sending out millions of these Spams by the hour.

    Spam bots (automatic software systems) have found ways round even the most sophisticated security verification but what is now making them even more effective, they are backed by humans.

    Where bots fail humans are alerted (low wage economies employ them by the score), intervene and assist the bots to get through even the most difficult registration processes.

    No one is immune, hence the need for manual verification.

    Please, if you spot any existing old Spam posts, please notify us until we have cleared every last one out - that's the only way new ones can now enter.

    Many thanks and hope the explanation helps.

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