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    LandlordZONE- England & Wales

    LandlordZONE chiefly serves England & Wales. Its members are almost all based there. For that reason, it can rarely assist with legal questions arising under other legal systems.

    The law in E&W is a single system, subject only to variations caused by:
    - Welsh language alternatives forms
    - devolved legislation ("Measures") originating with the Welsh Assembly
    - Statutory Instruments (pre/post-devolution), sometimes setting different commencement dates for E&W legislation in and Wales.

    Both Scotland and Northern Ireland have radically different legal systems (and nomenclature- e.g. 'claimant' [previously 'plaintiff'] in E&W is 'pursuer' in Scotland), except that tax/company law is usually the same as in E&W.

    England & Wales is one unit ('domicile')
    England & Wales + Scotland = Great Britain
    Great Britain + Northern Ireland = United Kingdom

    HM The Queen is sovereign of the Crown dominions off the coast (Jersey, Guernsey, and Isle of Man). These also have their own legal systems and are not part of the UK, but their external relations and defence are covered by the UK.

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