Only just noticed a Forum URL change.

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    Only just noticed a Forum URL change.

    I just noticed today that my bookmark for this forum was out of date, and that the forum URL has been changed.
    (I hadn't noticed before because it redirects).

    When did that happen?
    Possibly as part of the security changes back in August?

    My old bookmarked address was:

    Which redirects to:

    You may want to check your bookmarked address for the forum.

    It also makes me wonder if this change has any bearing on the login issue that some of us have been having since August?

    Is this the login issue whereby you try and log in and a block of red text appears stating there have been multiple unsuccessful attempts to login? I was getting that often until I reported the issue and then it stopped. I am not sure that would be connected with the url change.


      That's the one, it's been going on since August and is still happening.

      In fact it blocked me again earlier today. I have two user accounts here and it was blocking both logins.
      As I never really use the second account then it's obviouly not multiple failed logins on that one but some other problem.

      Forum URL changes can and do give issues with user logins on their own, depending on the forums own security measures.
      Password managers and browsers that save passwords also often have problems when the URL changes and may need to be edited.

      The particular login problem here I have noticed is much more prevalent on Sundays, I'm guessing that it's when some (weekly) server maintenance or backup is happening. Many people and organisations do their weekly maintenance/backups on a Sunday.


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