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    Stuck Sticky's

    Can we have a separate forum for closed, inactive and frankly boring sticky's please? Or even just move them to one side of the page?

    This forum alone has 11 sticky's. Not so bad in a backwater like this but a bit tedious to wade through everytime on 'residential letting questions'.

    Any reason why a "Thank You" post has been stuck at the top of the resi lettings forum?

    -Not saying the post wasn't a nice gesture but the boards are getting clogged up with closed, inactive and irrelevant stickies.

    Maybe just have one post at the top of each board labelled "sticky FAQ's".


      Originally posted by boletus View Post
      .... a bit tedious to wade through everytime on 'residential letting questions'.
      There is no need to put your waders on.

      Simply use the 'New Topics' button on the menubar to see anything that has had a new thread/post that you haven't read, and easily pick the ones you want to read.

      (Once you have read the ones you want then 'New Topics' again to see if there has been anything added whilst you were reading).

      Once you have finished reading then use 'Mark Channels Read' to clear the new topic list until something new is posted again.


        Good to see most stickies have been culled from the residential letting questions board.

        Down to 3.

        Hopefully it stays that way.


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