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    I cannot get into the forum via the home page. For the last few days I keep getting adware: Is this happening to anyone else? Is there a cure?

    It happened to me. My not too serious thought was that too many people were complaining about the spam filter being too aggressive, that they replaced the whole site with spam.

    However, I think they actually messed up a DNS (Domain Name Server) setting and we get directed to cyber squatting site. The error was cached and the cache entries expired for different people at different times, so some people got back on before others.


      I think it was sorted but your browser is still picking up the old redirect. Clear your browser cache.


        I've cleared the cache and it has sorted he problem, thank you.


          me too - it was annoying but now sorted. If only all our problems were so easily solved!
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            I saw it happening.

            You could get to the main site but always got redirected if trying to get to the forum.

            Long story short I ruled out my PC or router.
            I sent them a 'contact us' message from the main site and it was sorted within an hour or two. (I hadn't cleared my cache).
            So looks like it was a server side issue.


              Run this download on your PC just to be on the safe side .
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              • Suggestion for forum
                by hcaelblana
                May I suggest a more balanced approach toward landlords as opposed to landlordzone's tenant-centric views it promotes through its regular members? I've noticed the forum tends to support members who defend tenants and look down on landlords as a general rule, and vice versa. It would be of great help...
                04-02-2020, 18:52 PM
              • Reply to Suggestion for forum
                by theartfullodger
                Indeed! Some of my c**k-ups have been both very instructive & very painful/expensive!...
                05-02-2020, 17:24 PM
              • Reply to Suggestion for forum
                by Moderator2
                It would be very difficult to control the bias of the forum in any practical way, and it’s not something LLZ was set up to do. I don’t believe there is a general problem even though some might be able to point to specific threads where questionable advice has been given.

                I would also...
                05-02-2020, 17:17 PM
              • Reply to Suggestion for forum
                by jpkeates
                Every landlord experience is a free lesson for other landlords.
                I've learned a huge amount from other landlord's cock ups (many of which I was also guilty of).
                05-02-2020, 14:59 PM
              • Reply to Suggestion for forum
                by AndrewDod
                Remember that many "good" landlords LOVE the bizarre and convoluted legislation that hammers both tenants and landlords. The more bizarre, convoluted, damaging, time consuming and costly the better. Especially loved by large landlords or agency-landlords with large portfolios who can deal...
                05-02-2020, 14:23 PM
              • Reply to Suggestion for forum
                by nukecad
                This is a very good point, and one which we also raise frequently on a disability/benefits forum where I'm a regular.

                When things are going right people don't need to look for advice, and have no need to ask questions on a forum.

                So you only see the stories where things have...
                05-02-2020, 14:12 PM
              • Reply to Suggestion for forum
                by jpkeates
                Anyone can sign up and post here.
                If the advice on the forum seems biased in favour of tenants, it would be possible for someone to offer a balancing opinion.

                The operators of this forum don't have much ability to set a forum policy as such.

                People who come to the forums...
                05-02-2020, 11:55 AM
              • Reply to Suggestion for forum
                by JK0
                I raised this point some years ago:
                04-02-2020, 19:25 PM
              • Reply to Suggestion for forum
                by nukecad
                For real?

                You would prefer to only see one side of things.

                I see mostly landlords as regular members here, with a sprinkling of tenant regular members to give a different viewpoint.
                As well as some who have been both - and maybe still are both at the same time.
                04-02-2020, 19:19 PM