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    Public Right of Way / BOAT

    Hope someone can help me!
    I have bought a property with a covenant which allows 'to pass and repass with or without vehicles at all times and for all purposes connected with the use and enjoyment of the retained land'.
    My problem is that the road in question is being obstructed by a neighbours vehicle (parking their car there when visitors come as they do not have adequate parking on their own drive).
    The road is access to my property and is also an emergency exit for a business.
    Does anybody know if (being the owner) I can put up adequate signs, can anyone advise me of any rights I have? I know that the public have rights but do I to enforce the 'no parking' rule?
    Thank you

    That's not a public right of way, as the right only exists in relation to use of the retained land.

    Pass and repass rights don't give the right to park, so parking is a trespass, and the normal remedies for trespass apply.


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