My Post was flagged for spam after editing

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    My Post was flagged for spam after editing


    I made a post and it seemed to get posed just fine, then i made an edit and after saving the edit i got a message pop up saying it's been flagged for potential spam and awaiting moderator approval.

    Afterwards I check my recent posts, and it's even disappeared from there?

    That's what it does. It is a longstanding unfortunate bug or a setting which should be fixed.


      This bug needs to be fixed

      The spam filters on this forum need to be change, posts seem to be disappearing left, right and centre.

      Posts I made early then I edited for spelling reasons get deleted by the spam filters.

      I ended up copying posts into Word or Note pad just encase the spam filters strike again !

      This is getting really Annoying .
      Thunderbirds are go


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