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    Dangerous Web Page?

    Norton is saying that this site is dangerous. Any idea why? Can it be fixed, please?

    No Norton cannot be fixed.


      Originally posted by leaseholder64 View Post
      No Norton cannot be fixed.
      VirusTotal gives it a clean bill of health in 66 out of 66 different Anti-Malware scanning engines
      So it looks like it's a False Positive by Norton, and only they can change that.


        It is not saying there is a virus - it indicates an identity threat.

        Here is a complete list: (for more information about a specific threat, click on the Threat Name below)


        It seems that the site owner has to request that the site be retested - https://safeweb.norton.com/help/site_owners


          I'm not getting any problem with that linked Landlordzone webpage.

          I'm using the Malwarebytes Firefox extension which it very good at spotting anything amiss with a website.

          The one thing I do note is that your link to the Landlordzone page shows 'http' rather than the newer, more secure, 'https'.
          However actually clicking the link redirects to a https version of the page in my Firefox browser.

          Try this https version of the same webpage, the only difference is the https designator. You should find that Norton lets it through.

          (https is more secure, but that does not mean that http is dodgy/malicious simply that it's older).

          I would say that this is just Norton being too sensitive/agressive about the http/https distinction.
          You should be able to change that in your Norton settings, if you want to.

          You should also be able to change your browser settings to automatically redirect any http adress you try to visit to the https version. (If an https version is available).
          Firefox now does that by default, and I believe that Chrome does too.
          If you use a different browser (or if you've changed the defaukt redirect setting) then check your browsers support information for how to do that for your particular browser.

          The second webpage that you link is the Norton 'Safe Web' rating list, it's entirely Nortons own scheme and has nothing to do with anybody else but Norton.


            That link doesn't help. Norton has recorded the whole site as dangerous, even though it only found that one problem. It won't change until they retest and don't find a problem.

            I am using Firefox.


              I've noticed from reports on other forums that Norton seems to be throwing up quite a few False Positves this week.
              They seem to be mainly related to digital signatures, Norton seems to be seeing some valid signatures as invalid for some reason.

              It's probably a case of waiting until Norton fix it.


                I said above that the links were the same apart from the 'https'; but looking closer they are not.

                Your link is:
                HTML Code:
                When I click that link my Firefox redirects to:
                HTML Code:
                It could be that Norton saw your older link as having an invalid signature and blocked it before it could redirect?


                  http: links don't have signatures. What is more likely is that it is treating a redirect to a different domain name as suspicious, whereas best practice is to do that redirect.


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