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    Letting Agents & Spare keys

    My partner rents a property Surrey. It is managed by a letting agent. It is a new build apartment.
    I live in Covent Garden. He works nights so we don’t get much time together although he finishes work at 2am on a Friday so I could come down from London and wait for him. However, he does not have a spare key and they will not furnish him with one. He has repeatedly requested this and been told “they will contact the landlord” to no avail.
    His tenancy is up for renewal and they wanted to increase it quite a lot. He was/is fuming as there is a list of things they have failed to do, like fix broken fixtures and knock before entering the property.
    Now they are saying if he wants a spare key he must pay the increase. If he forgoes the spare key the rent will remain the same (yes this is true I have seen the email)
    my question is, are they allowed to blackmail him like this over a spare key?

    This all seems a bit odd. Is there something special about the type of key that a duplicate cannot be cut by an ironmonger or at a key bar?


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