Mobile version acting odd.

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    Mobile version acting odd.

    Is anyone else (still) having issues with the Mobile version of the forum software?

    I'm occasionally using Chrome on my Android phone to view the forum
    It logs in OK, looks OK, lists posts, etc., even lets me reply/make posts.

    But when I make and 'submit' a reply it returns a blank screen with a word or two of HTML at the top.
    Pressing page back gets a blank with a different line of HTML.
    Page back again gives the thread - with the post I've just made already posted, as well as still being in the editor.

    There is also an issue with 'Mark Channels Read' seemingly doing nothing on the Mobile version.
    If I 'Mark Channels Read' and then click 'New Posts' it still shows a list of all posts made that day.
    It will even show a post that I had just made myself as an 'unread' post.
    So it seems to be showing the filter for "Todays posts" rather than for "New posts".

    It's as if part of the software is not recognising that I'm logged in, but other parts are.

    It's fine on Windows, just has these strange behaviours on the Mobile version.

    I gave up some time ago, just use the desktop version on my 'phone instead... Which seems fine....
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      It doesn't seem to matter if it's in desktop or mobile view. But I also prefer desktop view. It's probably the mobile version of the forum software. VB is getting a bit old now and their best developers left and set up a rival company.


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