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    Android problem

    Anybody else having a problem with this site on Android?

    The standard browser will not connect to it, you get a "not secure site" message.

    I've put Firefox on the phone and that will connect.
    But I'm not keen on Firefox for android, it's nowhere near as good as the Windows version.

    Working fine typing now, Android 8.1
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      This one's much older than that, Android 4.1.2 on a Galaxy S3 mini.

      It just seems odd that the standard Android browser can't connect to here because its "not secure" when other browsers have no problem.
      I also have no problem connecting to other fora from the standard Android browser.
      (Of course it could be a different issue and the 'not secure' is just a default error message.

      Oh well, the answer is simple enough, use a different browser to connect to this forum from that phone.


        I'm working on Firefox for android and have a few addons installed which has speeded things up.

        Might even make it the default if I can get it quicker than the standard browser.


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