N5B. Claim for Possession - do I need to do a gas safety certificate?

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  • JK0
    Of course you have to do the gas check. You won't get a possession order without it.

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  • N5B. Claim for Possession - do I need to do a gas safety certificate?

    I have one property. The12 month tenancy expires next week and the tenant is refusing to move out. He has not paid rent for 3 months. I have served a section 21 and am now starting the accelerated possession process. The gas safety check/certificate is due for renewal next week. Do I still have to do this? The tenant refuses to engage with me via text or writing. Help please. I have decided being a landlord is not for me. I just want my house back and to get rid of it.

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    Please avoid posting in threads more than 6 months old, and even then post only if you have something of significant value to add. Old threads can contain legally out of date advice.
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