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    Unite to change landlord rights

    Hi all. I have read so many things about landlords suffering at the hands of tenants, and how the system stinks,yet I haven't managed to come across anything where we are fighting back. I myself have suffered some nightmare tenants, and imagine it only to get worse. So could we not all stand together and bombard our MPs or whatever it takes?

    Because muddy water is best left to clear by leaving it alone. And because you can't fight idiots who don't care about facts and about evidence.

    Don't argue for landlords- argue for tenants - for the right of decent civilised tenants to be able to find cost-effective flexible accommodation unhindered by the legislative nightmare.

    Anyway, the pendulum will swing out a lot further. Jeremy Corbyn will herald a new
    winter of discontent https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_of_Discontent
    and eventually the population will realise (again) that
    freedom is better than fascism. And we will have clarity once more.

    MPs are mostly idiots anyway.


      Being a Landlord is on par with being a social pariah, I hardly ever mention to anyone that I own a second property that I let.
      Make sure you understand the laws and regulations to protect yourself, find a good support group and ideally try to get accredited. It's quite cheap nowdays and it's important for political purposes. Perception is everything.

      Agree that most MPs are only as useful as t**s on a bull. Who on Earth with real talent sits in a constituency office listening to mouthbreathers? Very few.


        It just appears to me that decent tenants and decent landlords get screwed over. Yet anyone who is a nightmare seems to get away with it. Where is the middle ground. I get what you are saying, MPs are useless,and the system is only interested in getting more money for themselves,but surely thing's only change if people try and change them. So we just sit back and do nothing while the decent people get screwed over ???.


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