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    Once every few threads, the forum page showing the current topics don't display correctly for a particular thread.

    See Residential Letting Questions for example. The thread "Problematic tenants in breach of contract" is currently top, which is correct in terms of activity, but it says there are "1 response" only when there's at 8 at the time I'm typing this.

    It doesn't matter how many extra reply there may be, it will remains showing as only 1 response, and if you're logged in and have read the thread at one point, it will not mark it as unread even if there are new responses.

    This bug is seemingly getting more frequent, and it's really annonying. Can this be fixed please?
    I am not a lawyer, nor am I licensed to provide any regulated advice. None of my posts should be treated as legal or financial advice.

    I see this problem as well.


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    • Unite to change landlord rights
      Time for change
      Hi all. I have read so many things about landlords suffering at the hands of tenants, and how the system stinks,yet I haven't managed to come across anything where we are fighting back. I myself have suffered some nightmare tenants, and imagine it only to get worse. So could we not all stand together...
      25-01-2018, 23:35 PM
    • Reply to Unite to change landlord rights
      Time for change
      It just appears to me that decent tenants and decent landlords get screwed over. Yet anyone who is a nightmare seems to get away with it. Where is the middle ground. I get what you are saying, MPs are useless,and the system is only interested in getting more money for themselves,but surely thing's only...
      27-01-2018, 00:02 AM
    • Buy to let landlord sub-letting to his own Limited company

      I need some advice regarding my friend who is a buy to let landlord having 4 properties in UK. He wants to sub-let to his own Limited company which he is planning to set up. Is this possible? What are the pros and cons to this? Please can someone share some knowledge on this? ...
      26-01-2018, 16:23 PM
    • Reply to Buy to let landlord sub-letting to his own Limited company
      He is too busy with his work so relies on me to get the answers...
      26-01-2018, 16:27 PM
    • Reply to Buy to let landlord sub-letting to his own Limited company
      Are you his financial adviser, solicitor, letting agent? Why can't/won't he ask this simple question himself?
      26-01-2018, 16:25 PM
    • Reply to Unite to change landlord rights
      Being a Landlord is on par with being a social pariah, I hardly ever mention to anyone that I own a second property that I let.
      Make sure you understand the laws and regulations to protect yourself, find a good support group and ideally try to get accredited. It's quite cheap nowdays and it's...
      26-01-2018, 09:11 AM
    • Reply to Unite to change landlord rights
      Because muddy water is best left to clear by leaving it alone. And because you can't fight idiots who don't care about facts and about evidence.

      Don't argue for landlords- argue for tenants - for the right of decent civilised tenants to be able to find cost-effective flexible accommodation...
      26-01-2018, 02:06 AM
    • Overzealous spam control
      Wrote a post response with a link to an old thread within this forum and posted fine. Realised I linked to the thread rather than the specific post, so edited and corrected the link by removing the existing and reinserting the correct link. So still just the one link, and it's a link to another forum...
      15-01-2018, 23:21 PM
    • Reply to Overzealous spam control
      Of course I don't blame the moderators. I posted here partly to vent sure, but also partly to see if the admin / operator of the forum can either relax it a bit or put in more fine grain spam control to not catch innocent posts while still keeping the spam out.
      20-01-2018, 00:08 AM