Renting Flat as use for Emergency Accommodation

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  • Renting Flat as use for Emergency Accommodation

    I understand councils have a statutory responsibility to provide emergency/temporary accommodation to vulnerable people.

    They either have their own properties, or use B&Bs or properties rented from private landlords.

    1)Does anyone here have experience of renting their homes on these term?
    2)Do they have to abide by the LHA rates or is emergency housing exempt?

    The reason for my 2nd question is that when you factor in market rent + council tax + utility bills, the LHA rate is far lower than that you would get from a private tenant. Not only that, but the short-term nature of emergency housing would lead to more void period, and tenants could lead to higher maintenance (both property maintenance and people management).

    I would have thought this would have been factored into, for emergency housing.

    3)Is it worth providing your house to the council for emergency accommodation? If LHA rates apply, then the answer seems to be a "No", but if it doesn't then what rents are usually achievable and does that make it worth the effort?

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    Phone and ask your council - they have their own ways of doing things


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