can I report tenants to Hb for non payment of rent

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    can I report tenants to Hb for non payment of rent

    Hi, I have two tenants who are on housing benefit.they are constantly in arrears and I am getting a bit sick of chasing them for the money. they are clearly spending their housing benefit elsewere. my question is can I report them to Hb for not useing the benefit for its intended purpose.

    You can report them, but not using the housing benefit isn't fraud or anything like that. Bit like you can spend child benefit on fags - doesn't have to be spent on your children.

    You need to control your tenants, not punish them.

    Have you considered serving a section 8 notice under grounds 10 & 11 as a 'shot across the bows'?


      How long have they been in arrears for? Have you considered writing to the benefit office to get direct payments to you? Even if they are not 8 weeks or more in arrears you should consider this. What excuses did they find?

      Direct payments carry some risks, e.g the council may try and claw back any overpayments , but usually if you know your tenants are eligible for the benefit you should be ok

      I had some recent communication with the DWP regarding the relevant

      ''If the tenant builds up rent arrears of eight weeks or more, the local
      authority is required to make direct payments to the landlord under HB
      Reg 95 (1)(b) and HB(SPC) Reg 76(1)(b) unless it is in the overriding
      interests of the tenant. Rent is in arrears once the payment date is passed regardless of this date being set in advance or arrears'.

      Also how long have they got left in their AST? You should consider serving both section 8 and 21 notices without prejudice.

      I am experiencing similar issues with HB tenants and like some people say it can be as tricky as 'extracting blood from a stone'


        Do you want to get the money direct from the housing benefit department or/and evict them?
        Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


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        • Thinking aloud...
          I've been reading the posts on this forum of tenants who stop paying rent when receiving notice to leave.
          im simply curious to know that if a tenant on HB receives, for an example, £400 in HB paid directly to the LL and makes up the short fall of £100 themselves, then goes to the council offices...
          15-01-2018, 16:30 PM
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          I would spend considerable time assessing any applicants to rent your property, we do and also visit them at their current address, you soon get an idea of whether you want them as tenants or not!! if you need some reassurance, then sign up for one of the rent guarantee companies, I'm not sure how good...
          18-01-2018, 08:31 AM
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          Yes it's a pain for both LL and tenant.

          I claim HB, direct to LL, and once had it stopped for 2 months because the DWP made a mistake and told the council I was no longer claiming disability benefit (must have been a miracle cure).
          Of course I was still claiming the disability benefit,...
          17-01-2018, 15:18 PM
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          MisterB, yes, indeed, people not on benefits can stop paying which was sort of part of my query.
          thinking aloud I was wondering if a tenant on benefits being paid direct to the LL from the council decided not to pay the shortfall (£100 pcm in my example) for whatever reason would only leave the...
          17-01-2018, 10:04 AM
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          Mo - five men, four men, three men, two men, one man and his dog went there apparently .....

          I don't think your question actually has one single answer .... though if youre not a landlady yet, perhaps you might be considering not taking on HB tenants, but the truth is anyone can stop paying...
          17-01-2018, 08:43 AM
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          If it's being paid direct to the LL (HB or UC-he) then it will continue to be paid until the claim is closed, or the claimant asks for it to be paid to themselves.

          The claim can be closed by:
          The claimant telling them to close it altogether. (For whatever reason).
          The claimant...
          16-01-2018, 16:07 PM
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          Mrs Mug
          Also, in your area, would the tenant be getting Universal Credit that would affect how much Housing Benefit they actually receive....
          16-01-2018, 15:43 PM
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          If the tenant is still in the property, Housing Benefit wouldn't stop. It would be paid until they left the property.

          In regards to HB departments stopping payment for the slightest thing, it would depend on what that "slightest thing" is. After all, Housing Benefit is a means...
          16-01-2018, 13:53 PM
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          CO2 detectors won't (usually) help much: CO detectors might ....
          16-01-2018, 13:36 PM
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          He is self employed and knows what can and cannot be claimed tax wise. The house has been fully rewired with mains smoke/fire detectors. Co2 detectors will be fitted, gas central heating services with gsc issued.
          We have concentrated on making it tenant proof rather than fancy LOL!
          16-01-2018, 13:23 PM