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    Hi I am giving up my council tenancy that I have had for 25 years it has two bedroom one is used for my friend who stays about once or twice a week to take care of my needs and disabilities. Giving up my house because its a top flat three floors high, not been able to get up and down I got a letter from my doctor to support medical needs to be considered for a first floor house I was turned down by my council.
    I have found a siutable private two bedroom flat to rent at £475 a month which is higher than what i was getting at previous house.
    Will i still get housing benefit and whats the best way to go about this i am paying the deposit but do i have to pay the first months rent as well and how do i change over fom one to another.
    I am recieving high rate care and mobility
    esa with the support group and severe disabilment .
    Iwould like to thank you in advance for any comment that you provide.

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    You have to pay the deposit and one or 2 months rent as requested

    BUT you MUST contact your council - today.
    Only they can say how much housing alowance you will get.
    It will be fixed, and if you have to pay more in rent than the "chart"
    they have for the area, you will have tofind the extra rent yourself.

    You MUST inform the council you want to move, before you even
    think of paying any deposits, and get their help and advice.

    A landlord will not accept someone not being able to tell them if
    they can afford the rent, withno assurance from the council that
    they will pay you after you leave current place.

    Make that phone call now ........ to the housing department



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      It is a great shame to give up the secure tenancy you have with the council - can you not get a social worker to perhaps help you get a move - or possibly get an exchange?

      If you go into private rental, your new property is not your guaranteed home and your landlord could well ask for it back and then you could end up being homeless. I'd give plenty of thought to this before surrendering your tenancy.


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