Moving to a new area/HB Dilemma

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  • Moving to a new area/HB Dilemma


    This is a slighly complicated scenario so please bear with me.

    I am planning to move to another part of the UK but am struggling to find landlords that accept HB in that particular area, certainly whilst looking on-line anyway. Now my dilemma is, because I've been planning this move for a while my c.v. is already on various "Jobs" websites and I keep getting contacted by employment agencies wanting to talk to me about work (albeit temporary for the moment) and of course I'm having to explain to them that I'm not in the area at the moment and it then gets complicated as I can't give them an exact date as to when I will be moving to the area and I can feel their interest waning as I'm speaking to them. As someone who has been unemployed for nearly 2 years I am find this very frustrating that I could actually be missing out on the chance of employment and the irony is I probably will only be on HB for a short while, probably 2 months at the most.

    Any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks.

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    Get a guarantor.
    Look for a room in a shared house where the restrictions usually aren't as bad.
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


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