First LHA cheque 'Payable to Landlord'.

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  • First LHA cheque 'Payable to Landlord'.

    I posted this earlier as a reply to DWP Select Committee thread on LHA. In hindsight, better posted as new thread.

    First cheque payable to Landlord

    A number of posters have been in touch seeking more information on how councils will be expected to implement the Select Committee's recommendation of this provision becoming 'standard practice'.

    Members of LandlordZone will recall revised guidance on direct payment and safeguards was issued in December 2009 by the DWP. This includes at 4.50 the "Circumstances in which the instrument of payment can be payable to the landlord" in respect of a new claim or change of circumstances

    4.50 Local authorities have a broad discretion to send the claimant a one off cheque or similar instrument of payment payable to the landlord following a decision on a new claim or change of circumstances when:
    • the claimant has not already paid rent for the period covered by the payment, and
    • it would be in the interest of the efficient administration of HB

    Relevant legislation is HB Reg 96(2)

    4.51 You should consider making a cheque or similar instrument of payment payable to the landlord when
    • the claimant has recently moved to the property and does not yet have a track record of paying rent to the landlord so as to safeguard the tenancy, or
    • substantial arrears of benefit are owing to the claimant

    Following publication of the report I wrote to the DWP and received the following response:

    We will also be publishing a "Good Practice" guide to local authorities shortly which will also re-emphasise the circumstances when the first cheque should be made payable to the Landlord.

    I hope this is helpful. If anyone encounters difficulty, contact me.


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    Also interesting how the following article:

    DWP Select Committee...

    was duplicated here:

    Seclect Committee Reports...

    If the OP's intention was to draw attention to the topic, then it's better to post one article in one place, not two places on the same website.
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