Can I withhold a portion of my rent.

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  • Can I withhold a portion of my rent.

    I will try and keep this short,
    Live in a converted house (2x2bed flats + 1 studio) Shared hallway/entrance
    I live on the ground floor, rest of properties on 1st floor.
    Have lived here a year by the 1st of march.
    Shortly after moving in I found out that I was paying for the lighting and electricity in the hall, landing and front porch. No mention of this when moving in by the letting agent. Now I dont mind paying for my share of this usage, but feel that I shouldnt have to be burden with having to pay for it all. I wouldnt mind so much if the other occupants turned off the lights when not in use but the top light which I do not need to use is left on and I am constantly turning it off thus with all the lights. I have spoken to the agency a few times about this but its like talking to some one who hasnt got their lights totally turned on! All I get is.. yes we know and we will get back to you.
    What I want to do is to withhold £15.00 from my next months rent for the whole year of electricity that I have been paying for the lights and for 2 of them I dont even use.
    Can any one tell me where I stand on this.
    It may sound trivial I know, but I live off benefits as I am disabled and am also having to pay out for extra heating because a wall in my nieces room (she lives with me 16yrs old) has a damp problem which the land lord/agency has been made aware of and still awaiting to be repaired after them knowing about it since October. Also having to fork out for mould repellents/cleaners which has been detrimental to not only my health but now my niece is starting to suffer with chest complaints. I have been on to the EHS but they have just said if the agency is sending some one round to look at it then there is nothing much more they can do. But that is all they do is look, I have had to replace a bed because of the damp and mould and also a wardrobe where mildew got in and started to rot the fabric.
    Any suggestion would be greatly received.

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    my sincere apologies I have placed this in the wrong place, please remove and I will start afresh in the correct place, its a blonde thing


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      thanks for that, it's good to hear a sympathetic voice on here! I'll pass that on.
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      You might sere if local CaB has a list of agents taking HB recipients - and also council housing dept.

      Given what you describe her as (poor lady...) she should get some priority for the housing register in most councils (but they have different rules..). Certainly worth applying, it's free....
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      Oh thanks I didn't know that
      09-07-2017, 11:49 AM
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      You ain't the first.

      Please confirm property is registered at some other address & you've got email also from land registry if anyone tries something?
      09-07-2017, 11:33 AM
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      Par for the course I'm afraid. I hope you changed the council tax and utilities to tenant name when she moved in, or you have screwed yourself. You can get the council to pay you direct once two months rent is unpaid.
      09-07-2017, 10:58 AM
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      It is the tenant who has the liability for rent. Sue him.

      However there are sometimes circumstances when HB can be paid twice during change-over, but this one doesn;t sound promising & it requires the tenant to do stuff, fill in forms etc...

      Sue tenant: Then either...
      07-07-2017, 09:09 AM