Finding a flat to rent on low income/LHA

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  • Finding a flat to rent on low income/LHA


    I'm moving to a new town and starting a new part-time job at a college as well as a part-time degree and so need to find somewhere to live!

    As I'm only studying part-time student properties seem to be off the menu due to council tax reasons (I am eligable for paying it still), plus I'm 27 so the idea of living with loads of drunken teenagers doesn't really appeal!

    As I'm going to be on a low income (£330 a month), I'm not going to pass any letting agents referencing checks in a hurry! However I will be eligable for LHA as I'm only studying part-time.

    The thing is I've heard it is an absolute nightmare trying to get a place if you utter those dreaded words "DSS".

    Thing is I have my deposit and first months rent saved up no problem, and will have a stable income coming in, as well as getting the £92 a week from the DSS once the claim goes through so paying the rents not going to be a problem at all (I'm used to living off a small budget, and am doing this to get the degree not to be out partying all the time!).

    Thing is how on earth do I go about finding a landlord willing to take me? It's not a major city I'll be living in (instead a small Northern city), so it's not like there's a load of options!

    Everything else is all worked out, but finding somewhere to live is prooving more of a challenge which is annoying as financially I can easily make it work!

    Put my name down on the council housing list, but all of the places there seem to be for people over 35+ so I'd be waiting 20 years before I get anywhere with them I imagine!

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    Which place? I'm in same position but have found somewhere which right now I am only tenant but I get the CT benefit paid and told I owe no more but its great to have another tenant for company.

    I am same age as you too and in same position as I hate being kept awake at night but I ironically love the halls otherwise but hate the immature people in them!


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      If you contact the University Accommodation Office, they may have details of private rented accommodation, or even University shared flats specifically for for mature students. Even if you try to avoid shared houses for 18-21 year old students, you may still end up in an HMO with party-going 'young professionals' (never was a social group less aptly named) or young slobs - at least with other mature students around you you might get some studying done.

      Which city is it and how mcuh can you afford to pay in rent each month?

      Good luck in your search.
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        Your best bet is to find a room to rent with a resident landlord. Look out for adverts from the landlords themselves.


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          you can also ask the council if they have a list of landlords who are willing to take HB claimants.


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