Looking for a good landlord.

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  • Looking for a good landlord.

    I have been looking to find a two bedroom property (flat/house) for the last couple of weeks that accepts DSS. The property will not be for me but for my folks (mum and dad).

    My parents are looking for a quiet area preferably north west London. They are well maintained very strict on hygiene and 100% when it comes to the rent, I can assure you that references provided will be excellent as they are very good tenants.

    My dad suffered an unfortunate illness which forced him to retire. The current property where they live is situated in a very busy high street where the noise is unbearable, hence the reason why they are looking to move.

    Please pm me if there is someone who is looking to help.

    Thank you

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    I have other tenants in similar situations to your parents. Would they like to live in Norfolk or Suffolk - these are the only areas I invest in. There are some nice small country towns I'm familar with.

    I do not have any vacancies - my tenants have almost all been with me for years. But I may be willing to buy a house for them to move into. I'd like to invest some more now when its a buyer's market.


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