Tenants in arrears - waiting for benefits

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    Originally posted by Covent Garden Girl View Post
    Ah well, Foxtons told me that I needed to supply them with a valid Gas Safety Certificate before they could serve the tenants with the section 21 two months notice to leave.
    If they told you that, they were wrong.

    And if you believed it, (as someone with an above average knowledge of L&T law), what are Sid and Nancy on benefits going to think when someone down the pub tells them they can't be evicted if they refuse gas safety inspections?


      As said in other posts, they are totally taking the mickey, with that level of arrears they need to be on the streets asap.

      I would have given them notice a lot earlier on, as soon as the '' signs '' start (late payments, decorating without permission, not allowing you in etc) i would have got rid of them at that point.

      The market is crazy right now and i suspect these morons do not understand that, once homeless they may have an inkling, as for the adult son who is not working........... businesses all over the country are crying out for workers, he is just lazy.

      Get rid now.


        Originally posted by boletus View Post

        That isn't correct.
        Please can you clarify? For several reasons, I have a Gas Safe that is 6 months out of date. The Section 21 has expired and I'm ready to carry on with proceedings (tenant was given gas safe at start of tenancy) - but if it's going to cause me problems I'll re-issue the S21. Any thoughts please would be gratefully received.



          If your last gas safety certificate has expired due to the tenant refusing entry, and you can demonstrate the tenant has a copy of the most recent check, the section 21 is still legally enforceable.


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