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    Universal Credit - Tenants

    I'm currently in the process of advertising a property for rent, I've had over 30-40 enquiries all of which are from T's on UC, since the repossession of property's via the court and bailiffs has been put on hold for the past year, some T's have realised that they can get additional money in the form of the rent being paid to them in the first instance rather than the LL/LA, since there is no way of getting the money owed back from these types of T's and the DWP will not make any payments to the LL/LA and there doesn't seem to be any penalties/ reduction in benefits imposed by them on the T, the T's are virtually in a win win situation.

    How are other LL's dealing with UC T's (apart from the obvious which is not to have them in the first place), but due to the pandemic seems like all the T's who are requiring are on UC, I've not have 1 person enquire who even works on a part time basis.

    Home owning guarantor(s)?

    I've had loads of full time working tenant enquiries BTW. Price, property, area?


      Full time workers can be and many are claiming UC.
      Many more will be claiming UC in future.

      Both Working Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits are being absorbed (migrated) into UC.

      Not many landlords think of those as benefits - but they are and have always been.

      It simply means that landords need to change how they think about "being on benefits".


        Benefits are not the problem - not working is the problem.

        Does your house / rent only appeal to the lower 1/3 of the market? if so, I would also suggest a guarantor.

        Perhaps you are renting the wrong type of house / in the wrong area for your preferred tenant.


          Is your rent high enough? If you want to exclude unemployed people I suggest you put the rent up to above the LHA rate. This is what I've done, purely as a business strategy as I don't want to be stuck with unemployed tenants ever again.

          If your rent is below what it might be for the area you might be putting off employed people who might be interpreting your low rent as meaning the property is in a rough area.


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