Opinions on taking a tenant with UC?

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    Opinions on taking a tenant with UC?


    Just about to start looking for a new tenant after we had our fingers burnt. Previous tenant wasn’t on any benefits - was working when they first moved in etc.

    A few tenants interested are claiming universal credit - there’s no contractual reason I can’t accept someone claiming anything etc.

    Just looking for people’s opinion from experience?

    thanks :-)

    My experience? Tenant never paid any rent, and I had to wait two months and claim direct from council. Never again!


      It can depend on if UC their only income, and how long the prospective tenant has been on UC.

      There are going to be a lot of working people claiming some UC, it replaces six 'legacy' benefits and not just Jobseekers Allowance.

      New claims for UC are slow to set up and pay which is where most of the current problems are coming from. Someone already on UC will not have the same problems.

      The big issue with rent is that UC pays it a month in arrears, whereas most landlords want a month in advance.
      So when an existing tenant migrates to UC it can leave an 2 month void between paying in advance and getting money off UC to be paid in arrears.

      PS. Universal Credit is administered by the DWP, nothing to do with the Council they do Housing Benefit which you can only make a new claim for now in special circumstances.


        Perhaps with a Guarantor?


          I'd check with the previous LL to see how they got on with their tenant been on UC. That should give a good guide on how their finances have been previously.


            Thanks all :-)

            I think on balance sadly I don’t think I can take the increased risk.


              You do need to take a look at their circumsatnces as a whole, and not just decline because of UC.

              For instance a couple, both working, with a child may well be claiming UC for that child.
              In that case the UC has replaced the old Child Tax Credit.

              Even without a child they may be claiming UC that has replaced Working Tax Credits.

              Would you currently refuse a prospective working tenant who has CTC or WTC?
              Most landlords would not even consider those as 'benefits', but when they get migrated to become UC they are suddenly seen differently by the landlord.
              Nothing has really changed for the (prospective) tenant, they are still earning the same wages as before.
              It's simply the landlords perception of UC as opposed to those legacy benefits.

              Landlords are going to have to get used to the idea that someone having UC does not always mean that they are not working.
              If you have a blanket ban on renting to those with UC then all you are doing is restricting your potential market of working tenants.

              Of course if UC is their only income then that's a different matter.


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                I am in exactly the same situation as you. Tenant not paid in nearly 5 months. Tenant now refusing calls after having lived 10 years with no bother and now this. I served notice in Feb and completed uc47 form twice. First time dwp refused said tenant didn't meet criteria. Called council to shed some...
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                The Secret Landlord,

                I'll do that tomorrow.

                I submitted the Uc47 form to universal credits, just awaiting their reply
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                This is in no way benefit fraud.
                Funny how many landlords don't understand that, I'd have though that if you had tenants claiming benefits you would learn how those benefits work.

                The DWP will not be interested.

                If she has told then she has moved then they won't be helping...
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                You've reported it to DWP, there's nothing more on that issue for you to do / that you can do. Everything else is matter of landlord-tenant. Is rent being paid, notice of seeking possession etc.
                07-04-2020, 17:15 PM
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                I'm registered for CT at home & also a now empty rental property. Being registered proves nothing. Are you sure he is physically there?? e.g. have you gone round after giving notice of inspection, knocked on door, seeing if anyone in?

                Of course DWP won't give you the new address,...
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                Does the other address exist? Who lives there - do you know? if rent was paid to you the council usually don't suddenly change payment method unless the tenancy is formally ended - just going by personal experience.
                Seems like you may have to wait for council staff to investigate but you could...
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                Has the tenant left? Is the property vacant?
                07-04-2020, 14:12 PM
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                Your contract is with tenant, not with the UC people (the DWP by the way). You sue tenant (and guarantor if you took one) for any outstanding rent. And serve s8 for all valid arrears grounds TODAY. s8g10 may be validly served if only 1p is underpaid for only 1 day. Funny how many "experts"...
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