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    Universal Credit Errors?

    Hello i have had a good reliable tenant for over 10 yrs who has recently moved over to Universal Credit. Over the last few months she has started to work and there was a stop to her allowance. Im wondering if anyone has had experience with tenants who have been incorrectly assessed. They are saying she is earning more than she should and she has evidence of earning less, meanwhile im out of pocket. Anyone else had errors from universal credit calculations?

    Iain Duncan Smith's wonderful new system is notorious for failures, mistakes, delays etc etc. A disaster & national disgrace. The chances of this government sorting it soon are, shall we say, small:

    Forget where the money comes from: Simply serve s8: Yes s8g10 may be validly served if only 1p is underpaid for just one day. Point tenant at local CaB,

    Hopefully Bill will be along with a more helpful response.
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Whats the outcome if i issue these ? Does it speed up the process to address these mistakes? Cheers


        I suspect that this is the disjoint between HMRC records, employer reporting of payment dates to HMRC, and the requirements of UC when it's computer links to the HMRC computer.

        It's being a big problem at the moment.
        The UC software was only written to cover a very simple set of situations, because thats all the government specified and paid for.

        Of course real life situations are hardly ever simple.

        Quite often an employer will report paying a day or two earlier than last month - so HMRC and thus UC say you have had twice as much wages that month, and so no UC is payable.

        Guess how many people got paid early at Christmas so won't get any UC because they 'earned too much' in December.

        Problems with UC are getting sorted out (often only with the help of court cases) but slowly so I wouldn't hold your breath.


          Wow. This makes so much sense. I was told by a dwp rep that there was no problem in her claim 9th dec. 9th jan im told she is earning too much.


            If/when that 'double payment' happens the UC claimant can actually (not always) end up better off in the end - Of course when they need to pay that months rent 'in the end' is of no use to them or you.

            Here is an example from earlier this week on the professional advisors forum:


              Are there any UC specialists lawyers who represent landlords in addressing these frustrations
              with the government?


                Leigh Day are the leading firm taking the DWP/goverment to court over UC and other issues. (There are others).
                They tend to represent the claimant(s), but there's no reason why they wouldn't like to hear from Landlords in relevant cases.


                CPAG are also very active at challenging idiotic policy through the courts. They are a campaigning organisation with their own lawyers.
                They go beyond simply dealing with Child Poverty these days, but kept the name.



                  Not a Lawyer but Bill Irvine seems the best expert - see

                  I have no connection with him or his company.
                  I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


                    I've made a post about lawyers, but it's been moderated because I put a number of weblinks in there.

                    I've asked a modderator to approve it so it should show up soon.

                    In the meantime try googling 'Leigh Day' and 'CPAG' adding 'Universal Credit' to each.


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                    • Reply to Universal credit check
                      by gizmo123
                      I am in exactly the same situation as you. Tenant not paid in nearly 5 months. Tenant now refusing calls after having lived 10 years with no bother and now this. I served notice in Feb and completed uc47 form twice. First time dwp refused said tenant didn't meet criteria. Called council to shed some...
                      09-04-2020, 21:24 PM
                    • Universal credit check
                      by Bach

                      ​​​​​​Some of you may already be aware that I've got a tenant who is in a few months arrears and I almost had a possession order but it has stopped in it's tracks due to this new Coronavirus eviction bill.

                      Anyway, I was hoping that the tenant might be claiming...
                      31-03-2020, 00:14 AM
                    • Reply to Universal credit check
                      by Bach
                      The Secret Landlord,

                      I'll do that tomorrow.

                      I submitted the Uc47 form to universal credits, just awaiting their reply
                      08-04-2020, 17:20 PM
                    • Universal Credit Fraud
                      by Habib85
                      Hi guys - my first post on here and was hoping to get some guidance

                      I was getting paid my Trent directly from universal credit after my tenant fell behind on payments for more than two months.

                      tenant has now decided to inform universal credit department that she has vacated...
                      07-04-2020, 13:20 PM
                    • Reply to Universal Credit Fraud
                      by nukecad
                      This is in no way benefit fraud.
                      Funny how many landlords don't understand that, I'd have though that if you had tenants claiming benefits you would learn how those benefits work.

                      The DWP will not be interested.

                      If she has told then she has moved then they won't be helping...
                      08-04-2020, 09:49 AM
                    • Reply to Universal Credit Fraud
                      by KTC
                      You've reported it to DWP, there's nothing more on that issue for you to do / that you can do. Everything else is matter of landlord-tenant. Is rent being paid, notice of seeking possession etc.
                      07-04-2020, 17:15 PM
                    • Reply to Universal Credit Fraud
                      by theartfullodger
                      I'm registered for CT at home & also a now empty rental property. Being registered proves nothing. Are you sure he is physically there?? e.g. have you gone round after giving notice of inspection, knocked on door, seeing if anyone in?

                      Of course DWP won't give you the new address,...
                      07-04-2020, 17:01 PM
                    • Reply to Universal Credit Fraud
                      by Interlaken
                      Does the other address exist? Who lives there - do you know? if rent was paid to you the council usually don't suddenly change payment method unless the tenancy is formally ended - just going by personal experience.
                      Seems like you may have to wait for council staff to investigate but you could...
                      07-04-2020, 16:00 PM
                    • Reply to Universal Credit Fraud
                      by Kape65
                      Has the tenant left? Is the property vacant?
                      07-04-2020, 14:12 PM
                    • Reply to Universal Credit Fraud
                      by theartfullodger
                      Your contract is with tenant, not with the UC people (the DWP by the way). You sue tenant (and guarantor if you took one) for any outstanding rent. And serve s8 for all valid arrears grounds TODAY. s8g10 may be validly served if only 1p is underpaid for only 1 day. Funny how many "experts"...
                      07-04-2020, 14:08 PM