What are my options - DSS in Arrears

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    What are my options - DSS in Arrears

    DSS tenant in receipt of UC is in arrears (approximately 2 and half weeks)

    I have tried contacting them and they are avoiding me

    What I wanted to know is what options I have now?

    Can I fill in the UC47 or will this be rejected as tenant is not 2 months in arrears

    Can I issue a s21?

    The AST I have with tenant has a no break clause

    There has been no such thing as a DSS tenant for many years.

    The debt, and means tested benefits have no impact on your ability to use section 21. Either you meet the conditions to allow you to issue it, or you don't.

    The other options are section 8 ground 10, which is discretionary, or the small claims court, but you don't know the final debt.


      Many councils have an early intervention housing team for DSS tenants receiving universal credit.
      Worth a try.


        UC is administered by the DWP not the council.

        The council administers Housing Benefit not UC.

        It's important to identify which one your tenant is claiming - which the OP has done here right at the start.


          Thanks guys


            You might find this guide for landlords who have UC tennants useful:


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