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    Renting new flat to Council

    Hi all,

    I m new to this Forum and to renting. Me and my husband just bought a flat to let in Ealing and were wondering if it would be wise to let it through the council.

    Could someone please give me some info/advice on renting your property out long term to the council? Does anyone have any recent experience to share (good or bad)?


    It is not wise, unless you hate the neighbours.


      Hi Leaseholder64,

      I don't hate the neighbours but they all are tenants themselves so they come and go.

      Why do you say it is not wise? Do you have experience as a Landlord with this? Could you please expand?



        Typical tenants in these arrangrments are those who can't geta private rental, non payers, bad debts, anti social, etc.

        You have no say in who moves in and can't even evict. They are not your tenants, they are the councils tenants.


          The council can put in tenants that are not wanted elsewhere ( Allegedly ). and you won't be able to stop them

          They can also put in the following people.( who are not usually accepted by landlords )

          Ex Convicts
          People with learning difficulties ( needing a carer )
          Recovering alcoholics.
          Recovering drug users.
          Asylum seekers
          Travellers ( Gypsies )
          Single mothers ( running away from abusive husbands / boyfriends, who then arrive at your door and annoy everyone, then police there every month )

          Above can be found only on some council websites, as they don't want to put off landlords.

          ~This is why leaseholder64 said;
          "It is not wise, unless you hate the neighbours."

          Often it's a stepping stone ( not always, but often enough to become a problem.) to have a high turnover of one week to one month tenants, therefore a high turnover of tenants, and you will NEVER know who is living there.

          If there is a high record of disturbances with problematic tenants, you may lose your flat if you cannot prevent disturbances, which are against the lease.

          Don't do it.


            Rent to boring professionals who pass credit & landlord checks. Get some experience of being a landlord. Do RLA or NLA intro courses. Go to meetings of landlords, surf forums like this.

            Then, after a year, ask yourself your question again: Think I "No" what your answer will be..
            I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


              Absolutely not.
              Definitely do the LLAS course which takes place in Ealing Council building - you'll meet 15-20 Landlords all with their own experiences


                I’m new to this forum too.

                My my advice to you and I speak from experience do not ever let your property to the local authority.

                Its not worth the hassle their tenants cause. Council tenants will not take care of your property.


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