Do I need to comply with the following request?

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    Do I need to comply with the following request?

    I have a DSS in my property.

    My local council provided the tenant for me..

    However, the council have recently requested that if I wish to speak or see the tenant, I should

    1. Book an appointment with the council
    2. Come to there offices
    3, Meet with the tenant and the council rep in a room to discuss any issue so that they can advise the client appropriately

    What I want to know is whether I can refuse to comply with this?

    The Tenancy Agreement I have names the tenant as opposed to the council on the doc so I believe that I an not obligated to do this

    There's clearly something going on, I'm guessing tenant feels harassed or something & has been to council. (forget if you think this fair or reasonable...).

    What issues do you have that you might wish to raise? Is this to do with re-mortgaging plan? (Tenant doesn't have to permit surveyors etc)

    What notices have you recently served on tenant or other significant letters or conversations?

    How would you describe your relationship with the tenant?
    - any repair issues?
    - rent always paid in-full & on-time?

    You CAN refuse but .. might not, depending on circumstances, be the wisest. Were I to go to such a meeting I'd go with at least a calm polite friend as witness or a solicitor.
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      I am not sure what has gone on, however I do know that the tenant must have said something, prompting the council requests.

      If I am not obligated to fulfill their request then it seems unfair that i should lose time and expense doing so..

      I only approach the tenant during inspections and that is mostly because they engage me


        How often are you doing inspections?


          3-4 times per annum


            That's the nonsense you get for taking a 'DSS'.

            I'd be issuing a s21 notice if I received a letter like that.


              Instead of asking people on the internet if you have to comply, wouldn't it be better to find out and understand why your tenant has requested this.

              You say the Local Council has requested this, but what part of the Local Council? The Housing Lettings Department, Social Services, the Finance Department, the Bin man.

              Does the letter say why they are requesting this? Does your tenant have any mental health issues? Why not call the Council and ask what's the reason behind the letter.

              Your point 3, suggests maybe some issues and they may find it hard to deal with requests if they need to "advise the client appropriately".

              Call the person or department that wrote the letter and ask.


                It would be a bit difficult to go to the council offices if you're working full time


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