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    Housing Benefit query

    Hello i am hoping someone can help with a query my 19 year old son is due to leave college soon and hoping to get an apprenticeship, when this happens I will lose my tax credits so I am wondering if I ask my landlord to put him on the tenancy when it is due for renewal soon will he be able to claim housing benefit or I think it might be universal credit now, he will be on a low income but I work full time so don’t claim housing benefit myself and my son also claims PIP.

    He is your son, you house him for free.


      Suggest both you & your son check what benefits you might be entitled to after he leaves college: See

      I'm no expert in HB but don't think he HAS to be on tenancy for you to claim HB see e.g. Slough's HB application form... (no idea where you live...)

      There are btw about 1 million people who work who get SOME HB, some who work full time (? have you ever claimed?) so see what the benefit calculators say - you might be pleasantly susprised.

      If he were to claim housing costs in his own right it would be UC with the Housing element.

      Nothing to prevent you asking landlord (? private ?) from adding him to tenancy: Landlord doesn't have to.

      In my opinion I wanted each of my 3 sons to stand on their own feet and pay their way, rather than get their housing costs paid for by me when working.
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        Just to note that you can no longer make a new claim for Housing Benefit except in a few particular circumstances, most people have to claim Universal Credit housing element now.

        The particular circumstances are: if you have reached state pension age, if you have 3 or more children, if you get the Severe Disability Premium with an Income Related benefit, if you are in temporary accommodation (provided by the council), or if you are in 'Supported or Sheltered' accomodation with special facilities
        (Note that many 'sheltered housing' schemes are that in name only).



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