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    Local Housing Allowance Entitlement.

    Hi there everyone. Just a few questions to confirm a few things. I’ve looked everywhere I can find online and although there is massive help on LHA enquiries, I wasn’t able to find the help needed to specifically answer my questions. Me and my partner are looking to move privately to a 3 bedroom house some point next year, but before we do so I wanted to know what my LHA would be. I am 18, my partner is 34. I claim PIP and the Limited Capability for Work and Work Related Activity component of Universal Credit. My partner claims Carer’s Allowance and Income Support. The question I wanted to try and get an answer to is this: Because my partner has 3 children, a girl aged 12, a girl aged 9, and a boy aged 6, they would be staying with us weekends, as this is how he sees them. We would have to go for a 3 bedroom so they all had somewhere to sleep. My question is, what would my LHA be under these circumstances? What am I entitled to? Thank you for any help, it really is appreciated. I need this sorted.

    Gov.uk benefit calculators will tell you.

    You can look up the maximum HB/LHA rate for the number & age of humans ( for your area of your council - they vary) - but you might only get part due to your personal circumstances - (eg if you had savings...) . And what the rent is.

    Run the calculators, see what answers you get
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Use the link below to work out how many bedrooms you will be entitled to,


      Then use this other link to find out the LHA rates for your area.



        Indeed: But that only tells you what the max is you might get up to, not what they are entitled to... ..
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          Unfortunately, based on what you have said, you would get the 1 bed LHA rate. This is due to your partner not being the "primary carer" of his children (you have said the children spend the majority of time with their mother). As you are in receipt of Universal Credit (UC), you will likely stay on UC. I am pretty sure the UC regs are similar in that they would also assess you under the 1 bed rate.


            I assume that you are not yet living together?
            You cannot claim IS and UC at the same time.
            (If you are living together and claiming seperate benefits then that would be benefit fraud).

            Note that when you move in together IS will stop and he will be added to your UC as your Partner.

            You will also get a Carer element added to the UC as he is in receipt of CA.
            The income from his CA will be deducted £ for £ from the UC payment, but because of the carer element you should be better off overall.

            Is he caring for you or for someone else?

            Unless the children are living with you as their main residence then they cannot be taken into acount when calculating entitlements.

            As artful says run your details as a couple through one (or more) of the benefit calculators. (I prefer the Entitledto calculator).

            If you want more help with this you may be better asking on a disability/benefits forum.
            I'm active on this one:


              Just to clarify a statement I made above above (I won't edit it as it would probably go to moderation).

              If you are living together and claiming seperate Income Related benefits then that would be benefit fraud.
              (Here we are talking about UC and IS which are both Income Related benefits).

              It is quite possible/legal for one, or both, members of a couple to claim seperate Contribution Based benefits.
              And possible to claim an IR benefit as a couple with one partner also claiming a seperate CB benefit.


                How many nights per week would the children be staying? I think you might be entitled to more bedrooms if they stay for 3 or more nights.


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