UC47 form, trying to get payment direct to Landlord

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    UC47 form, trying to get payment direct to Landlord

    Dear Forum,

    I'm having no end of problems trying to get a tenants HB element of his Universal Credit paid direct to myself as tenant far in excess of 8 weeks in arrears due to losing his job on health grounds, namely he's an alcohlic.

    I have sent UC47 form off with breakdown (bank statements ) showing arrears and all paperwork to email address and also posted.

    The tenants brother has informed me today that even though I sent this information on the 15th January, and its showing on tenants journal, the tenant has yet again received £567 which will only be used for beer tokens.

    Every call I make last 30+ minutes waiting, and nobody is able to give me any idea as to how long its going to take to make payment direct to myself, as it seems that tenant is on the Full UC system, so one department can't see anything, so you get transferred to another, then another.

    The system is shambolic but asking if anyone has managed to get this resolved in a timely manner, as 4 weeks now without any contact from UC informing me that they either have my paperwork, which they say they cant see or any indication as to when payments are going to be made direct to myself.

    Eviction started, but would be nice to reduce my losses rather than see adrunk tenant at each visit to the property.

    Thanks for any help.

    Tenant in Rugby

    Universal Credit is odd in the way it works with changes.

    On of the oddities can be that certain changes don't come into effect until the start of the next monthly 'assessment period'.
    And so don't get paid until the end of that next period.
    This is mainly for clerical reasons.

    So certain changes made during one monthly assessment period will not show up in payments until the end of the next assessment period.

    This is contentious as it can mean a claimant missing out on up to 4 weeks benefit that they are otherwise entitled to.

    ("Waiting time" for a disability element to be added to UC is one such change - "Waiting Time" is 3 months after the disability claim is made starting from the next assessment period. So it could be between 12 weeks and 16 weeks depending just when in an 'assessment period' a claim is made before it is actually paid).

    I suspect (but can't confirm yet) that direct payment to LLs will be a change that starts with the next assessment period.
    It's basically just a clerical change as far as UC/DWP are concerned.

    So a possible example based on what you have told us:
    • The claimants monthly 'assesment period' starts 13 Jan.
    • A change is made before 13th Feb. (You requested direct payment).
    • Payment on 12/13th Feb will be unchanged. (You say that he got this yesterday).
    • A new monthly 'assessment period' starts on 13th Feb.
    • Payment on 13th March will be revised to the new circumstances. (You should get a months UC housing element paid direct).


      Been on the phone again to UC ( The Full Team) as most claims are on whats called the (live system) I have informed them that I need to record the conversation as whilst promised a call back from the case worker, I'm stuck in the same position, no chance of suspending payments or getting paid direct as LL.

      They wont discuss the claim unless tenant gives permission. They wont suspend payment nor will they make payment direct to myself even though I have filled in and sent off UC47 form.

      Basically tenant is an alcoholic and they have just given £567 to him and they have informed me over the phone that unless tenant wants payment direct to me, they will continue to pay tenant direct, regardless of arrears or vulnerability.

      Its an impossible task to stop tenant getting paid. I have spent 18 hours so far trying to resolve this issue.


        Serve S8. Today. Explain to council & UC that you will evict: i'd put that in writing.

        Does tenant have support worker ?

        Alcohol: .Our biggest drug problem. The real "gateway" drug rather than cannabis
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          Originally posted by rugbyroom View Post
          Its an impossible task to stop tenant getting paid.
          It is the tenants benefit entitlement, so not your concern which is why they won't talk with you.

          If the tenant chooses not to pay rent that is your busines, but that's between you and him, not the DWP.

          TBH. The DWP phone jockeys are pretty useless, I'm speaking from a claimants experience.
          (They are even know to make answers up when they don't know, answers that are totally wrong).

          You could try writing or emailing the DWP, you have a better chance of success.
          (Again experience, I have previous success with emailing the DWP complaint resolution teams).

          For landlords wishing to discuss a new APA that has recently been submitted the landlord still requires “explicit consent” from the tenant to discuss the claim with DWP. To set up and submit an ‘APA’ landlords should contact the Universal Credit Service Centre by telephoning: 0345 600 0723 or emailing uc.servicecentrehousing@dwp.gsi.gov.uk
          However from the RLA guide to direct payments and UC:
          What happens next

          Once DWP have received the required information they will make a decision on whether or not a managed payment direct to the landlord is appropriate and inform both the landlord and the tenant.

          If the managed payment is refused the notification issued to the landlord will not advise the landlord if their tenant is currently getting UC, nor will it advise them of the reason why the application has been refused.


          There is no right of appeal against the decision. However, a decision can be reviewed if further information is provided.


            Sorry this is happening Rugbyroom:

            See this guidance from Shelter Legal:
            - see this bit
            "" Alternative payment arrangements and payment to landlords


            Maybe quoting (or indeed putting in writing to them, council, MP, MEP etc etc..) about Universal Credit Local Authority Bulletin UC1/2017; Commmons Hansard HC Deb 9 January 2018, vol 634, col 24WH might help.

            The fault I suspect (recognising Nukecad's comments) is not the staff handling this mess but the instigators, particularly that clown IDS...
            I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


              Totally agree artful,

              it's not the staff's fault, they can only go off their (very poor) training and what they have been told by the hierarchy.


                The issue I have, is that they wont talk to me, they wont respond to letters or emails. I have quoted endless times about payment direct to tenant once tenant is 8 weeks in arrears, but they wont listen.

                I have a clause in my tenancy that says that if tenant goes into receipt of benefits, that they give me permission to speak on their behalf in order to have HB paid direct to myself, but again they won't accept this, nor will they give me any details as to where to write or email as the life UC team have told me that the Full team don't have an email contact address.

                I've served notice and need to evict, but it just means that between now and the 4 - 6 months before I get possession, the tenant will continue to get his beer tokens and the abulances will continue to attend the property when hes completely wasted.

                Writing to local MP as its shambolic but avoidable.



                  Originally posted by rugbyroom View Post
                  ...... the life UC team have told me that the Full team don't have an email contact address.
                  I gave it above:

                  Failing that you could try your regional DWP Complaints Resolution Team, they have a 'commitment' to answer within 15 working days.
                  If your tenant is in Rugby then your regional team would be:


                  (The forum keeps putting a space between the O & V of GOV for some reason, it shouldn't be there).

                  If you then need to escalate your complaint then you contact the DWP Central Complaints team - a single address covering the whole of operations.
                  This is effectively the Director General’s support staff you’re writing to.
                  (They will redirect it to the regional team if you have not been in contact with that team first).



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