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    Council Tax HMO and AST

    If a property let out on a single AST which is a HMO by definition, whose name does the council tax need to be in - the tenants or landlords?

    Council Tax

    In a normal HMO situation - mulitple occupants in a single property, normally shared facilities - the landlord pays the Council Tax (collected through rents) and he is accountable to the council for all his tenants' comings and goings.


      L can decide:
      a. to collect CT within rent (ie rent figure is fixed high so as to incorporate amount of CT, not itself separately identified); or
      b. to reserve in Agreement two types of rent: true rent PLUS a second sum equal to amount of CT. This latter MUST be reserved as rent if L wants ability to treat T's non-payment as rent arrears.
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        Hello all,

        As a matter of introduction: i have only owned the flats I have lived in so far, but as I have managed to spare a good amount of money now, I would like to invest it in property.

        Given the poor returns of traditional buy to lets I was thinking of going for a student...
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      • Reply to Rookie landlord: Is HMO really much more complex ?
        I used to run two 7 bedroom HMOs and I agree with DPT57. I never managed to get any agents interested in running a large HMO and if they did you could expect a higher than normal charge- so you may have to run this yourself. You need to think about marketing and who will be your target market and the...
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      • Reply to Rookie landlord: Is HMO really much more complex ?
        Thank you very much for your point of view.
        Eventually you are not just saying that HMOs are a stressful asset to hold... if I get your point, the main issue is the idea of student lets (or other short term lets) compounded by the complexity of HMO regulations etc... food for thought...
        22-01-2018, 21:18 PM
      • Reply to Rookie landlord: Is HMO really much more complex ?
        I have recently got out of the HMO market so may be jaundiced but I would say that you need a strong constitution and willingness to put up with lots of stress when you are landlord of an HMO. You can't assume the agent will take care of everything properly. Many (possibly most) are of poor quality...
        22-01-2018, 17:32 PM
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        Hello everyone . I'm writing in here as we have a flatmate who is causing annoyance in the shared house where we live. This person and us had several arguments using strong words and impolite behaviour. He got an anger problem and one day it was even close to fight with me. He's smokes in the house...
        20-01-2018, 22:18 PM
      • Reply to Tenant causing annoyance
        I assume you all have individual room only tenancies? You can't force him to leave early and only the landlord can serve notice on the tenant so you need to talk to him about when he plans to do this. A s21 notice doesn't end the tenancy so he could dig his heels in and refuse to leave until the landlord...
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      • AirBNB within HMO

        I own a Licensed HMO, the license allows for up to 5 tenants - in 4 rooms, I have 4 tenants in 4 rooms.

        I have a smaller room that the License - when it was imposed stopped me renting out, and is now vacant - minimum room sizes were quoted as reasons it could not be included....
        09-01-2018, 16:32 PM
      • Reply to AirBNB within HMO
        I think I need to confirm that you could actually let an unused part of an HMO - say for storage, or for say a holiday home let.
        If you going the AirBNB route - you would need to confirm in the eyes of licencing what is a 'temporary' let, and how long that is measured as.
        18-01-2018, 13:39 PM
      • HMO and lack of deposit protection
        I rented a room in a house as a lodger. When I moved out and the landlord wouldn't give me my deposit back I started to look into the whole lodger issue and discovered I had been living in an HMO (with 4 other tenants "lodgers"). I went back to him and tried to reason with him about the deposit...
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        +1,loanarranger's advice excellent. Were I he I'd be using to check if what mortgage applicants say is correct (eg where they really live, with whom... )

        You may also be amazed what you find with Google and/or social media.

        Wife's name eh? She's probably less careful about...
        15-01-2018, 17:42 PM