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  • Non tenants living in the house

    I have a HMO with 4 bedrooms, all were let. 3 girls, 1 guy.

    2 of the girls want to move out early which I've said is fine if they find someone to take their place and start a new contract.

    I found out that both girls have moved out and sub-letted their rooms to people. I want these two guys to leave the house. They are not complying.

    I'd like to change the locks to the room and house when they're out and make it clear to the original tenants who are paying the rent that I can give them a copy of the new keys whenever they would like to collect them.



    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks all.

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    Hi Guys,

    Has anyone any advice please? These guys are still in the house and I have no idea if I can call the police to get them removed.

    Update - one guy signed a contract and paid rent to one of the original tenants.



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      Why do you especially want to get rid of them?

      Is it a joint contract, or were the 4 original Ts on individual contracts?
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        Good question, I just dont like the idea of people moving into my house that I haven't vetted, the other tenants don't like. and aren't there insurance implications if a non-tenant is living in the house?

        They were all on individual ASTS.



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          It would be a mistake to change the locks unless you like confrontation and are willing to risk prosecution for illegal eviction.

          If it was me I would find out from the tenants still there if the new tenants are ok or not. I would also be talking to the original tenants (who are still the tenants) for what has happened with the new sub-tenants and what exactly has been arranged.

          As long as the girls still pay the rent and everyone else is happy (except you!) there is not much to worry about.
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            you can't have non-tenants living there permanantly or you may face problems later



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