What do we need to do if renting as a hmo?

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    What do we need to do if renting as a hmo?

    We have a three bedroom terraced house which three friends wish to share. No locking rooms just a good old fashioned house share amongst friends.

    I believe that this will now mean it is a HMO.

    I understand therefore a fire risk assessment will be required.

    Will the battery powered smoke alarms in the hall and landing be sufficient?

    Do we need to do anything else diffent to letting it out to a family?

    Is a standard AST agreement ok to use for all three on a joint tenancy?

    Many Thanks

    Indeed it would be a HMO. A regular AST docment will be fine.
    You ma find this thread informative, it tells me that you need do nothing that you wouldn't do if you were letting to a family.


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