Help with choosing a gas cooker for rented HMO house

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    Help with choosing a gas cooker for rented HMO house

    Choosing a gas free standing cooker for a HMO. To be shared by 3-4 professional 25 - 40 years old.

    I have a £75 voucher to purchase a replacement cooker with Comet. Voucher is from British Gas appliance cover.

    I was looking at the cooker feature and notices this....
    "This product does not have a flame failure supervision device and can not ben installed in a flat. For suitable products please see products described as Suitable for installation in flats - FSD compliant."

    What does it mean? Do I need to have this facility for a HMO cooker? I don't want to purchase the cooker only to find out that is should have this facility.

    Also what feature would you say would be essential or useful for the cooker to have. So far I have noted to have a separate oven & grill. Also thinking of paying extra for a double oven.

    How much would you spend on a HMO cooker? What about stainless steel look or just go for plain white?


    If you want to know about the 'amendment' its here, although its not exactly an amendment to anything.


      Tenant point of view with regard to choice:
      Separate grill is a big bonus, double oven unimportant. With regards to colour, whatever looks best in the context of the kitchen - some will lend themselves to metal appliances, some won't. Obviously a stainless steel appliance will be more eyecatching than a white one if it 'works' in the room.


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