Evidence of working smoke and CO alarms

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    Evidence of working smoke and CO alarms

    I note ni the Governments 'How to Rent' guide (served on new tenants) that at the outset of a tenancy a landlord should provide to the new tenant:

    Evidence that smoke alarms and any carbon monoxide alarms are in working order at the start of the
    tenancy. Tenants should then regularly check they are working.

    New tenants are given fire training at the outset, and sign a form to say they have received it, in the training it is explained that the property has 'x' type of fire detection system (A or D in my case) and that it is tested on a certain day and frequency.

    There is a paper fire logbook that could in addition be shown to the tenant, as evidence of current testing and operability, but nothing is signed by the tenant to say they have seen such evidence, apart from receive the fire training, I presume an additional line on the Fire Training Receipt book stating they have been made aware of the Smoke Alarms and CO Alarms should be added.

    Would that cover my responsibilities under the relevant act (can someone advise specifically what act the requirement comes from)


    The normal process is to detain tenants for about 8 hours after their arrival while they sign their name on each of about 700 pieces of paper (every page of the draft inventory, AST, all sorts of certificates and confirmations, garbage how to rent guides and so on and so fourth and so fifth).

    This obviously carries a cost in destroyed trees, ink and time which is passed on via rents.

    A page confirming the existence of alarms of various sorts is one of those pages.

    Until all of these pages are signed, the keys are not handed over. No signing, no tenancy.


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