When does an HMO become flats for planning permission purposes?

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    When does an HMO become flats for planning permission purposes?

    I am turning a house into a six-bedroom HMO. The layout of the building is such that one of the bedrooms could be extended under Permitted Development rights to have a decent size kitchen-living area added, alongside the ensuite which I am already planning. However, it occurs to me that this is starting to look a lot like a one-bedroom flat rather than an HMO bedroom, which would presumably sit outside C4 planning use class. Can anyone advise on where the boundary is for planning permission purposes?

    It is more than possible that the planning or licensing dept will notify the valuation office and you could then find yourself paying CT on each room.


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    • Reply to Evidence of working smoke and CO alarms
      by AndrewDod
      The normal process is to detain tenants for about 8 hours after their arrival while they sign their name on each of about 700 pieces of paper (every page of the draft inventory, AST, all sorts of certificates and confirmations, garbage how to rent guides and so on and so fourth and so fifth).
      30-06-2022, 16:35 PM
    • Evidence of working smoke and CO alarms
      by bob369
      I note ni the Governments 'How to Rent' guide (served on new tenants) that at the outset of a tenancy a landlord should provide to the new tenant:

      Evidence that smoke alarms and any carbon monoxide alarms are in working order at the start of the
      tenancy. Tenants should then regularly check...
      30-06-2022, 16:05 PM
    • Reply to PAT testing cert
      by SouthernDave
      They normally charge per item, with a call out charge in top. I’m interested that you can train for only £30. Might get one of my lads to do it! Would save me some money at the office.
      21-06-2022, 19:02 PM
    • PAT testing cert
      by rugbyroom
      Dear Forum,

      I have a registered HMO and new council official wanting to see numerous cert etc which I have, however I have my own PAT tester (callibrated) and get someone to do the tests for me who simply attended a 1 day course through their work.

      They cant give certificates...
      18-10-2018, 12:03 PM
    • Reply to PAT testing cert
      by Centric
      I looked up PAT training, seems to be a couple of hours online only, for £30. It is worth paying someone else to do it, or is is better to learn how to PAT test myself and issue the certificate myself? Any problems with doing it myself? How much would a PAT tester cost on a normal 4 bed?
      21-06-2022, 11:56 AM
    • Reply to Applying For First HMO Licence
      by pgten
      To protect yourself you need to have made a valid HMO licence application before/simultaneous with the tenants moving in.

      So you do not need to wait for the HMO licence to be granted. Note however: if you move people in you are tying yourself to making any outstanding HMO improvements (so...
      19-06-2022, 19:53 PM
    • Applying For First HMO Licence
      by ABC123
      I own a property in an area that requires additional HMO licensing. The 4-bed house has been let to a family but they are now moving out and all the responses I have had to my advert have been from groups of 4, so it looks like I am going to need to apply for a licence. I have been unable to get through...
      14-06-2022, 11:43 AM
    • Reply to Applying For First HMO Licence
      by Neelix
      To be honest you need to clarify this with your local council in writing as they seem to have slightly differing requirements.

      on the electrics the regs now recommend AFDDs for some circuits in HMOs so it’ll be a C3 IF you have RCD protection. If you don’t have RCD protection you new...
      15-06-2022, 07:20 AM
    • Reply to Applying For First HMO Licence
      by AlexR
      Google ' hmo fire risk assessment' and you will find companies that will do this for you. Expect to pay about £200. Try and get a company who know the requirements of your Local Authority . There is one Council ( Sandwell, West Midlands) who will , for a fee visit your HMO and advise - I don't know...
      14-06-2022, 22:03 PM
    • Reply to Applying For First HMO Licence
      by jpkeates
      It's something you find someone to do and pay them to do it.
      And then you do what they recommend....
      14-06-2022, 16:06 PM