Hmo bills/ utility control over winter

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    It's not bulletproof, but presumably, the fuse is for all of the socket's load, so the heater wouldn't allow much else to be plugged in and switched on at the same time.
    You'll have about an amp and a half left after the heater.

    The problem is that a kettle would also trip it.
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      I'd be pretty peed off if that was the only socket point in my room. Would mean extension leads all over the place. A seperate Fused Spur Outlet with sockets spurred off (surface trunking if necessary) would provide better socket distribution around a room and be better than the triple.

      As well as normal kettles, I wonder if some hairdryers might be powerful enough to blow the fuse.

      If I was a tenant blowing the fuse with my heater/kettle etc I think I would quickly source an allen key anyway. Then the fuse would be back to 13Amp, or a handy bit of metal.


        They have 2 triple sockets in single rooms and 3 triples in our double rooms.

        Our council stipulate that we must supply 4 sockets, so they actually have more than our license agreement.
        We do not allow kettles, heaters etc in the rooms,

        Kettles, toasters and everything they need are supplied for everyone to use in our shared kitchen area.

        Let me explain, we usually have a fairly high turnover of tenants, they are mainly Eastern Europeans etc.
        They stay for anything up to a year before they move on to other things.

        All they want is somewhere to sleep, eat and have a base to work from.
        For the rent they pay, they get a clean, basic fully furnished room with internet, but other than that there are no frills or extras,

        Everything is well maintained by ourselves, all licenses, certificates etc are fully up to date.

        Our tenants can control the temperature of the radiators in each room, but we control the times the heating is on (after all most of them are at work all day, so don't need heat) Saturday and Sundays the heating is on all day.

        Anyway the fuse systen on our sockets work for us,,,,,, plus we are then allowed by them to enter the bedroom to do repairs on the plugs, hence giving us the chance to view the state of the rooms. (no 24 hour warnings)
        We do have room inspections for general maintenence,,,, inspecting furniture and fittings, they are given prior notice for this.


          My daughter is a midwifery student in a cold part of the UK and often gets back from placement shifts about midnight. The heating in her house is then off overnight and her room is cold. The first thing I did was buy her an oil filled radiator which she can put on to take off the chill whilst she make something to eat. The issue is not as simple as time and temperature. Just let any LL try to take that away (and I speak as a LL myself)
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