evicting HMO tenants - how?

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    evicting HMO tenants - how?

    Hi all,

    I have seen an HMO for sale that I am keen on and think it would be a good long-term capital and rental investment. However, I am thinking it is better run as a 'vanilla' single let AST in future (due to margins and hassle).

    I would imagine trying to get vacant possession on completion will be nigh impossible given the current situation? If I inherit the tenants, any suggestions for how to get the rooms back, and what to be prepared for in advance?


    I think it depends on your personality and appetite for risk. Running an HMO is hard work, not just because of the technical expertise you need, but because you need to be a pretty robust character to deal with that tenant market and not fazed by things going wrong frequently. If this is not you, or you don't have about 10 hours a week to devote to the management and a couple of hundred more for up-front learning, then I wouldn't bother. In my view, HMOs don't stack up so well if you have to go for full management from an agent. Others may have a different view.


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