HMO Inspection and required work

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    HMO Inspection and required work

    I have an inspection of my property coming up in around two weeks. I have done everything I am aware of to meet the standards of HMO licensing in the city where the property is, except one big job. This is the installation of two fire doors and the construction of a wall separating the kitchen/living area from the stairs.

    The implication from the council is that any work that is required will be specified after the inspection, and it will be possible for me to get a loan to carry out the work. However there's nothing that confirms this beyond doubt.

    I have obtained a quote from the work and advice from a construction company on the best place to put the wall, however in my mind there are still ambiguitites, so I'm hesitant to get any work done before the council specifies what they want. Also, the work is expensive, and I won't be able to take the loan unless the work is begun after the inspection.

    Any clear guidance on this would be much appreciated, I don't want to upset the council!
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    Any HMO requires a Fire Risk Assessment to be carried out, and its recommendations are usually also mandatory.

    Managing the process by responding to local authority improvement notices isn't the best way of working (in my personal view).
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