Large flat converted to 4 x studios

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    Large flat converted to 4 x studios

    Is any of this a HMO?

    I have a large flat that was converted some years ago to 4 self-contained studio flats (lounge/bed plus kitchenette plus en-suite) and a shared washer and dryer.

    LA have advised the property has no planning class so planning permission is needed (its a long story so will leave that for now).

    If I apply for 4 x self-contained studio are they treated individually for council tax ie 4 bills or as one large flat with one bill still?

    Im trying to decide whether to go as 4 x AST (with council tax due) or as 4 x furnished holiday lets (free small business rates exemption)

    If each unit has to pay CT then they are less attractive for rentals but if its one CT for the whole building then I can pay it.

    ** there is a demand for holiday lets from a few days up to 12 weeks (contractors staying away from home for a job) but obviously a lot more work involved too.

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