Access to tenants rooms and cleaning under Covid

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    Access to tenants rooms and cleaning under Covid

    Dear Forum,

    I have a registered HMO with 2 tenants causing hell for others, as there eviction dated March the 25 was cancelled on the 24th, so they both know that hopefully there going to be evicted when the Courts re-open, so have zero respect for the house or other tenants.

    There is so much drug abuse, both using and dealing going on, and whilst I've informed the Police and Council, nothing is going to be done unless tenants complain, but they are all fear full to do so.

    I'm wanting to go to the property and inspect the rooms, but not sure where I would stand on this with current Covid issue, as I also live 2 hours drive away.

    Another issue, is that its my cleaner has refused to enter the property which stinks of weed, but is filthy as these tenants have strange behaviour such as putting human waste into a washing machine.

    It just seems that whilst I can't evict, its a green light for scum to do what they wish.

    Any thoughts most welcome, as I was looking at giving 24 hours notice and inviting the Police to attend the viewings at the same time.


    The other tenants will need to gather evidence of drug dealing that you can feed to the Police.


      I don't beleive you can access the rooms but you can give notice of cleaning of the communal areas , If there is a serious complaint from on of the other tennants then you can grant access to the police without giving notice and they can access the rooms .


        Police will not do anything unless they can smell it from outside, they will not do anything from personal experience. Notifying T's will not help they will just hid the stuff away and use air fresheners. You would need to just evict the person when things resume. If you want to clean non-communal areas you could ask the T's to move to another room or in the garden while it is being done.


          You could write to local Councillors. May be the neighbours are fed up too. It is worth writing to the Government, because if they remove S21, then your tenants will need to provide evidence for a successful S8 eviction for drug use. May be they will get their legs broken if they provide evidence.

          It is worth writing to several MPs, as landlords often don't speak up. We need to counter all the one-sided messaging from Shelter.

          Why give 24hours notice? You have a right to go into common areas.

          Even if they are arrested, they might be let back out.


            Just out of interest where a HMO is causing a problem, can the council remove the HMO license?


              Yes, I believe they can.


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