Conflicts between tenants

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  • DPT57
    I agree with Andrew above. You should probably also tell the landlord/agent about the problems and threats and tell them you want to leave. You don't have any rights to this, but they might have a policy of allowing the tenant to find a replacement, which would at least allow you some way out

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  • AndrewDod
    Unfortunately this is a huge problem with many types of tenancies in the UK -- and governments have made it a lot worse by striving to make tenancies as inflexible as possible (in the interests of "tenants" of course - but usually to their detriment). You have a contract jointly with other people, and it is really nothing to do with the landlord (and indeed they cannot really intervene as it is not their business to do so).

    Joint tenancy agreements are a cause of death, major hardship and distress, especially in students.

    At the end of the day you can be held entirely responsible for all of the unpaid bills, damages, subletting.

    How long does your agreement have to run on a fixed term (of the three years) - and why would you sign a contract with unknown people for 3 years (or at all).

    If they are threatening you, contact the police.

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  • tudorsad
    started a topic Conflicts between tenants

    Conflicts between tenants

    Good morning,
    6 people, from which myself too, have rented a house. We are all called "tenant" in the contract which is signed for three years.
    By our contract, we are all responsible for anything happens in the house, but, two of these tenants not respect the contract at all:
    - they park on double yellow line;
    - they bring visitors and make parties until late nights (there were no complaints from neighbours, but I don't want to);
    - they don't keep the house clean at all;
    - they always find ways to argue everything is in the house and any decision we should take;
    - they always try to argue and to avoid paying the rent and bills;
    - they never repair or clean something around house and never get involved in the common problems;
    - they bring people and sublet their rooms.

    They now became quite violent and threat us to go out from the house.

    How could we get rid of them, without agency to "punish" us all?
    Any advice will be much appreciated.

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